Shiefton has really benefited my life, I have been coming here since I was 6 and now I am 25 years old. I have been in the school from the start to the finish and now I work as a volunteer. I have made lifelong friends which have turned into family and it has helped me with my GCSE’s, A Levels and University degree and have gave me skills and experience to be in the position that I am in today. I can’t thank and recommend Shiefton enough and I cannot wait for a new academic year!

Ashlee (Former student)


I have had 2 children come to Shiefton and I have seen the positive effects that it has had on their life. Both children was ahead in school due to the work they did at Shiefton and they are succeeding. One child is primary school and is performing well and is due to go to a great Secondary school. The other has successfully passed his GCSE’s and has recently started college. As a parent my children have also developed socially and built confidence through Shiefton and it is a great environment for your child to get further education within the Nottingham community.

Anoymous Parent


Shiefton is really fun, I have made loads of friends and I enjoy coming on a Saturday to learn. School is easier now as I have done the work at Shiefton and I can’t wait to start the new year.

Current student at Shiefton


My child was initially shy but through the years they have been coming Shiefton they have grown so much confidence as they are a former shell of the child they were before. I have also found Shiefton value for money (with a much more family environment that private tuition) and the effect it has had on my child socially and educationally is second to none. Thank you Shiefton and I recommend all parents to enrol their children. Education shouldn’t have a price limit and I hope my child continues to grow with Shiefton.

Anoymous Parent


Saturdays are epic as I get to go Shiefton and study and meet and play with my friends. Shiefton has helped with my homework at school and I am happy as I have Shiefton friends and my normal school friends. I enjoy coming to Shiefton every Saturday and I want to do even better that I did last year!

Current Student at Shiefton