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2021-2022 Timetable

Please find below the current timetable for the year

Virtual Library

In addition to our BHM Books on the homepage, here is a virtual library of books you can access online!

Shiefton Annual Report 2018 – 2019

A Breakdown of the School

Following the Nottingham City School Timetable, Shiefton runs most Saturdays from 9.55am – 12.15pm

We teach Mathematics, English and Black Studies to children ages 6 to 16.

With Mathematics and English, we follow the main curriculum but focus on a smaller topic within the curriculum to teach in the block period.

The breakdown of the school is as follows;

Main School (Year 2 to Year 8): Supporting young people’s education throughout primary and secondary school.

PRE GCSE: (Year 9): Supporting young people’s preparation for GCSE exams.

GCSE English and Maths (Year 10 to 11): Supporting improved academic results for GCSE exams.