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2021-2022 Timetable

Please find below the current timetable for the year

This year for Black History Month (We are black 365, not just the month of October)

Black History Month Speakers 2020

This year we have had members of the community come in and talk about their jobs and how they have managed to the top of their careers whilst not letting them being black as a barrier.

With perseverance, hard work, knowledge, and connections you can achieve things in life!

Our First Speakers were; Fumen and Lola Irimiya.

Fumen and Lola hold positions as a quantity surveyor with a top firm and a Civil Servant with the government.

It was a great conversation and an interesting career choice and it introduced the children to a non-traditional career path.

Our Second Speakers were; Anita Davies and Christian Weaver.

Anita Davies runs her own consultancy firm and her son Christian Weaver is a human rights barrister.

Christian Weaver is one of Nottingham’s very own who studied at Nottingham Trent University and is now a successful barrister and soon to be an author!

He has a book releasing next year called ‘Know Your Rights: The Law in 60 seconds’ informing us of all the day-to-day legal issues we could face from leaving our house.

He also has a super useful Instagram which has informative issues and breaks them down into legal issues into everyday terms.

The Instagram is

Our Third Speaker was; Alex Richards.

Alex Richards was a former parent at Shiefton but is now running his own childcare service.

He was the first black male in the UK that has set up an Ofsted childcare service and the first male in the Midlands to set up a childcare contact centre. #accolades

The children learned about economics, capitalism, and various other issues that can affect the black community.

He focuses on childcare and supporting young people and adults – for all his services please follow and contact him via his website here –

Here are some pictures from our talk with Alex;

Our Fourth Speaker Was; Delroy Brown.

Delroy Brown has started his own food business, a range of Jamaican-style jerk seasonings.

The business is called Spunji-i and has seasoning ranging from mild to extra hot to be used with fish, meats as well as vegetables.

The seasoning is all-natural as well and is mostly used as a marinade. There are currently 8 flavours!

Please head to the website – and get your orders in as we all need Flava especially in this lockdown!

Our Fifth Speaker Was; Franceska Fisher.

Franceska Fisher is a new volunteer at Shiefton who is also currently completing her degree in Civil Engineering at Nottingham Trent University. She gave a great talk about engineering and encouraging our children to get into STEM fields.

Here below is a copy of the presentation she did to our children.

Our Sixth Speaker Was: Marcus Whittingham-Smith

Mr. Whittingham-Smith works in construction and he has assisted in making a Google Data centre in Hamina, Finland.

He gave a great talk about the construction industry, getting into construction and his current role was in and we received great feedback from the children and staff!

Virtual Library

In addition to our BHM Books on the homepage, here is a virtual library of books you can access online!

Shiefton Annual Report 2018 – 2019

A Breakdown of the School

Following the Nottingham City School Timetable, Shiefton runs most Saturdays from 9.55am – 12.15pm

We teach Mathematics, English and Black Studies to children ages 6 to 16.

With Mathematics and English, we follow the main curriculum but focus on a smaller topic within the curriculum to teach in the block period.

The breakdown of the school is as follows;

Main School (Year 2 to Year 8): Supporting young people’s education throughout primary and secondary school.

PRE GCSE: (Year 9): Supporting young people’s preparation for GCSE exams.

GCSE English and Maths (Year 10 to 11): Supporting improved academic results for GCSE exams.