Please find a list of some of the most frequently asked questions here at Shiefton!

How is Shiefton dealing with the Coronavirus?

A: We are encouraging frequent hand washing/hand sanitizing with both staff and children.

Each child has a pack where it has a hand sanitizer, and all the equipment needed for school each week.

We clean all the surfaces both the staff and children touch and only a certain amount of children are allowed in 1 classroom according to the City council’s guidelines.

Children do not have to wear a facemask unless they want to (parents discretion).

Parents are not allowed to stay at the school (unless there is a parents group meeting), they should only come to bring or collect the child.

We try to encourage social distancing in the classroom as well as the main room and have staggered break times.

What subjects do you teach?

A: We teach Mathematics, English, and Black Studies (Where the children learn about black history, heritage and culture).

Are the teachers qualified?

A: Yes, all the teachers are qualified and trained teachers and some still teach in mainstream school (either Primary or Secondary).

What are the fees for the year?

A: The fee for the current academic year is

£175.00 for the mainstream school, which works out to be £5.00 per hour across the year!

£225.00 for the Pre GCSE/GCSE group, which works out to be £6.00 per hour across the year!

This can be paid in installments or full via BACS or Cash. Please speak to the staff regarding payments.

How does the school run?

A: The school runs from 9.55 am – 12.15 pm with one break in between for 15 mins. The first session roughly starts from 10 am – 11 am with a 15 min break and then the next session is 11.15 am – 12.00 pm with a focus session at the end of the day (where we round up what has been going on for the week).

What benefits do you have bringing your child/children to Shiefton?

A: Some of the benefits from bringing your child to Shiefton include;

  • Mixing with children from different backgrounds but similar cultures
  • Additional learning to supplement their mainstream education
  • Growing Confidence
  • Work Ethic
  • Advance work – Shiefton can push your child so they perform better in mainstream school
  • Getting taught by black teachers

Do you have holidays?

A: Yes we run the school based on the Nottingham City school timetable so we plan our half terms, Easter and Christmas break around those times.

What ages does the school cater from?

A: We take children from as young as Year 1 so 6 years old, all the way up to Year 11 so 16 years old.

Does the school have rules and discipline in place?

A: Yes the school does have rules and all children and parents enrolling have a parent/child contract in the enrolment form which states how we expect both parents, children, and staff to behave at Shiefton. We also have a discipline policy but it is not as strict as the mainstream schools.

Does Shiefton provide lunch?

A: No, we do not provide lunch, however, there is a tuck shop that is run at break times where the most expensive item is 50p.

Is there a uniform?

A: Yes, we encourage all staff and children to wear our Shiefton T-Shirt.


The T-shirt costs £8.00 and can be purchased only within the school in cash only.

Can I park at the school?

A: There are not any parking facilities on site. The school is situated on residential roads and we ask parents to park legally and with due consideration for our neighbours.

What do you teach at the school?

A: Teachers follow the national curriculum and teach topics that the children would be learning in school except for Black Studies.

Teachers have their own scheme of work and each week, will focus on a specific topic at various different levels with the child.

How do I get involved in the school?

A: As a parent, you can join the parents’ group, where they discuss the ideas on the growth of Shiefton, fundraising, trips, etc as well as attending any feedback sessions for your child.

We also take on volunteers as well, so if you are looking to volunteer then please pop in on a Saturday and chat to us.

Is there homework?

A: Yes there is a homework policy, children are given homework most weeks and is expected to complete it by the following session.

How do I raise a concern, praise, or issue with my child?

The first instance would be to speak to the coordinator Angella and a meeting can be organised to discuss the issue further with the relevant member of staff if needed.